Lead-Based Paint Status Or Survey

Lead-based paint is present in most buildings in San Francisco. To know exactly where this lead is located you need a lead survey. If you are buying or renting (landlord or tenant) an older property in San Francisco, you will be given a standard HUD form regarding the presence of lead-based paint. Your landlord will provide this document to you with your lease. Read it – stay safe. If you have a child under 7 years of age living in a building built before 1978 in San Francisco you are probably dealing with lead dust.  It is an established fact that lead in young children usually causes mental retardation. Please don’t wait for your Pediatrician or other medical professional to notify you of an elevated blood lead level in your child. HOW TO CLEAN UP LEAD DUST. It is unrealistic to expect every older residential building to be lead free. Instead of engaging in an unwinnable fight with your landlord, please follow the simple steps to keep your child/children safe from brain damage due to lead-based paint. It takes just a few minutes per day. If you have received an lead paint NOV, we can help. We are on the City’s approved list and have years of experience working with the lead-based paint department. Don’t ignore this NOV.  It’s like a parking ticket; a minor annoyance to pay, but a very expensive hassle if you ignore it. We use a XRF Analyzer to identify lead-based paint that may be present on any level; regardless of how many coats of paint are on top of the visible layer. A licensed environmental lab is used to analyze soil and lead dust clearance samples.

Lead Peace Of Mind

A new baby is entering your home!  Of course you want to be sure it’s completely safe! If your home was built after 1978 you probably don’t have lead-based paint. However, we have seen some remodels that didn’t remove all the sources of lead in paint or from your water source. Lead can be found in water from old plumbing fittings that leach lead. The older fittings can’t always be seen. We love these projects that keep your child/children safe and will answer all your questions. We rely on science and experience for those answers. We are licensed and insured to test for lead in California.

Lead Clearance

To satisfy a Lead NOV you will need lead clearance from a licensed and approved inspector. If you are a building owner or property manager, lead clearance is highly recommended after an abatement before the space is reoccupied. Rush service is available. Read more about Lead Notices of Violation Read more about the Lead in Drinking Water Link to the SFDBI Lead-based Paints Safe Work Practices Find a licensed Lead Abatement Contractor