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Covid 19, RSV and Infectious Diseases Policies

Mask Are Still Required For Everyone's Safety. New, Infectious Diseases Are Uncovered Every Day Through Global Warning. This Isn't Over.

New variants of the Coronavirus as well as new infectious diseases are emerging.  Masking and social distancing do provide some level of protection for everyone onsite. The following procedures are followed by our company for the safety of both our inspectors as well as our clients and all other interested parties. Covid B5 infection rates are surging in the Bay Area. This policy will be modified according to the Bay Area Covid-19 Infection Rate.


COVID 19 Social Distancing

Access to the inspection site will be made with the following options:

  • A lockbox or a hidden key will be set up in a strategic location. This will be in place prior to our arrival onsite. Guidance will be given by the client as to the location and any specific instructions needed to access and use the lockbox/hidden key. The key will be replaced in its original location at the conclusion of the inspection unless otherwise instructed.
  • If the use of a lockbox or hidden key are not possible then the client, client’s representative, or tenant must be onsite to unlock the entry door(s). The client, client’s representative, or tenant will then leave the premises or sequester in the building in an area not included in our scope of work and allow the inspector to conduct the inspection.

Access for onsite Inspections

The consultant will call the client, client’s representative, or tenant when in close proximity to the building.

The inspector(s) will be wearing a face covering. It is mandatory that the client or client’s representative is also wearing face covering and maintain a distance greater than six feet.

The client, client’s representative, or tenant will be contacted by phone when this inspection is complete.

If applicable: It is the client or client’s representative’s responsibility for sequestering the tenant for the time period needed for this inspection. If the tenant is not willing to follow these directions, then the inspector will leave the assignment and the client will be charged for a missed appointment.

The designated person will unlock the door and sequester inside the building/unit in an area that is not being inspected or the designated person can stay inside a vehicle adjacent to the building or inside of a garage. If the client, client’s representative or the tenant is not willing to follow these directions, then the inspector will leave the assignment and the client will be charged for a missed appointment.

More To Know

After an initial walkthrough and examination has been conducted, the conversation of sampling strategy will be discussed via phone call with the client.

If the client cannot be reached, any samples collected will be placed on hold. The samples will be released for processing once confirmed with the client.

The sample(s) will be hand-delivered to the laboratory on the day of inspection or the next morning depending on the time of the inspection, the distance from the inspection to the laboratory, and traffic.

The turnaround time for lab results will vary depending upon the contaminant and method of sampling. The specific turnaround times for lab results will be discussed with our client.

Laboratory Availability

Currently, the laboratories utilized for the analysis of the samples collected are still operational. It is unknown how long the laboratories will remain open. We are diligently checking the status of the laboratories and will be in communication with you if the operation of the laboratory’s changes.