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American Air Testing is a small family business comprised of indoor environmental professionals who are qualified by experience and skill of over 20 years in the industry as well as continuing education, training, licenses, and certifications.

With current industry standard knowledge and equipment, we provide consulting and testing of indoor air contamination for a wide variety of contaminants (including but not limited to:

Allergens in Dust
 Analysis for dog/cat/mouse/rat dander and dust mite/cockroach/particulate matter. (MARIA – Multiple Array for Indoor Allergen analysis)

Bulk sampling for asbestos is building materials. Air testing for clearance and worker safety.

Bacteria/Sewage Testing 
Clearance testing after sewage cleanup.

XRF analysis, lead-based paint dust wipe samples, lead soil samples, and lead drinking water samples.

Toxic Mold
Bulk and air sampling.

Drinking Water
Specific contaminants as well as general scans available.

Air Mapping
Analysis options for TVOCs, particle meter readings, carbon monoxide,
carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, oxygen, ozone, ammonia, sulfur dioxide,
hydrogen sulfide, and formaldehyde.

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Our Team

Our team is able to perform assessments of the condition of structures, systems, and contents at a job site. Based upon our client’s concerns, the history of the building, and what we encounter onsite, we develop a sampling strategy that is discussed with our client prior to collecting any samples. Once samples are collected, they are submitted to a certified laboratory. Laboratory results are reviewed and interpreted along with the information gathered through the onsite inspection. If a hazard is found, then an abatement/remediation protocol is produced outlining any applicable next steps for the project.

The goal is to return the job site to a healthy indoor environment.