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The Strong Point of American Air Testing in Communications With Clients

A human being usually answers our phone. If you leave a voicemail, it will be returned until we speak with you. 

When you make an appointment with us, we call and email you to confirm the appointment. We call you before the appointment to understand what your air quality goals are so that we can meet them.

If you send us an email, we will quickly respond with answers, not dancing around the questions with robo email replies. We do need specific information about your project to give you a valid quote. We prefer not to spit out a low number, and then when we find out the real extent, hit you with an expensive change order. Long term, happy, satisfied repeat clients is our goal.

If you choose to have us answer your tenant’s questions, we will do so with your written approval. Our preferred method is a phone call that includes all concerned.

Tenants are reassured by a consultant that is trained and experienced who listening to their concerns. Often addressing tenant valid concerns are addressed in our final report.

Homeowners are relieved to hear options on how to complete their project. Often we can save homeones a lot of money with our recommendations. We don’t perform removal or repairs of any kind. We work only for you.

Commercial property owners and managers are relieved at our thorough documentation of any problems found. And we can always supply replacement copies rapidly at no cost.

We can have lab results for most services is 3 days and in your hands with and recommended fixes.  

Let's Get It Right The First Time

There are lists for various specialty contractors on this site. This is not a paid referral list. We have declined contractors offers to pay just to be on our list. These are the contractors that don’t follow through on projects with enough equipment and trained workers to complete complex jobs right the first time. Sure, everyone is going to have an Opps! once in a while. When you speak with these contractors ask what the policy is about paying for retesting for clearances. This is good information to know, not just with the contractors on our lists.

All environmental contractors.


The report we prepare for you is thorough and complete. We are always available to speak with the specialty contractor of your choice to be sure the extent of your problem is completely understood.

If the directions given in your report are followed, there is an excellent chance clearance will be successful the first time.
Let’s not “try, try again” for clearance – that becomes unnecessarily expensive.

Mold Standard S520 for Mold Remediation.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District‘s current asbestos removal rules are notification of BAAQMD must be notified at least 10 business days before any renovation involving the removal of 100 aq. ft. or more, 100 linear ft. or more or 35 cubic feet or more of asbestos containing building materials and on every demolition regardless of asbestos content.

Current Allowable Levels of Lead Dust in Residences in California.