Indoor Air Quality Testing

We offer indoor air quality inspections and testing is customized for your specific environment. There are so many different things that can effect indoor air quality, that a trained, experienced person needs to inspect your site. There is usually a dialogue between you and the inspector. However, you many not need to be present. Indoor air quality testing may involve any of these categories:

  •  Toxic molds
  •  Water damage
  •  Lead-based paints or lead in soils
  •  Asbestos in building materials and ducting
  •  Chemicals – both volatile or semi-volatile
  •  Allergens in house dust
  •  Sewage clearance before occupancy
  •  Chemicals (VOCs and Semi-Volatiles)
  •  Special Projects

If your building was built before 1981 it may contain asbestos. Here’s a link to some of the most common building materials that may contain asbestos.


We offer asbestos testing for demo projects (J card number), pre and post renovations and remodeling, as asbestos clearance for schools, government buildings, and all other projects when appropriate.


Peace of mind asbestos inspections are a specialty!


If you are purchasing a property and want to know if asbestos is present, we can do a walk-through and identify probable asbestos containing materials without destructive testing. Photos and square footages of all suspect materials included in your final report.


Photos with square footages and instructions when appropriate are included in all reports.

Molds are everywhere! Mold becomes toxic when the inside levels are significantly higher than outside levels.

The most important thing about a mold inspection is finding all the sources of water that are causing the mold growth.

We offer preliminary mold inspections for real estate transactions, landlord-tenant concerns, litigation support, post remediation (mold removal and cleanup) as well as peace of mind mold inspections.

Photos with cleanup instructions, if appropriate, are included in all reports.

We offer lead-based paint testing for peace of mind for parents of children.

Notices of Violation inspections and testing are also offered. If you have received a NOV from the SF Building Department or similar, that means a child living in the building has tested positive for lead in their blood at their pediatrician. By law, the doctor must report findings to the California Department of Public Health. The CDPC then notifies the building department who issues the building owner a Notice of Violation ordering the cleanup of lead-based paint. This may also include the soil surrounding the building. In some older buildings lead testing of the water may be appropriate. 

Remember lead poisoning causes mental retardation in children, usually under the age of seven. This may be permanent. Let’s work together to prevent this from happening to another child! 

Odors are difficult. All of us know what mold smells like, but how about formaldehyde?  

Indoor air testing for chemicals in the air is expensive, time consuming, and complicated. Experience with these problems is everything for a successful outcome. 

We offer a simpler onsite solution with a professional “sniffer” that can identify and bloodhound the source of the odors. If you find the source, sometimes you can cure the problems. Frequently initial testing indicates more extensive testing is needed. This is done with a handheld sensor for a variety of chemicals.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your special situation.

If you can see it and smell it, you’ve got sewage. We seldom test spills for sewage unless you insurance adjustor or the City requires it for reimbursement.

You do need to call a professional environmental contractor to clean up the mess. Keep people and pets out of the impacted area.

It’s important that after the spill is cleaned up clearance testing is done to confirm the area is really clean. Keep all people and pets out of the cleaned area until lab results confirm the absence of E.coli and Coliforms.

We offer ERMI dust testing for molds, MARA dust testing can test samples for dog, cat,rat, mouse, and dust mites. We also offer a dust mites only test. 

Allergen dust testing is most beneficial to you if you are working with an allergist that has identified your allergy triggers.