We Solve Real Problems

Our Strong Point is communication

A real person usually answers our phone. If you leave a voicemail, it will be returned until we speak with you. 

If you send us an email, we will respond.

If you choose to have us answer your tenant’s questions, we will do so with your approval. Our preferred method is a phone call that includes all concerned.

Tenants are reassured someone that is trained and experienced is listening to their concerns.

Homeowners are relieved to hear options on how to complete their project. Often we can save homeones a lot of money with our recommendations. We don’t perform removal or repairs of any kind. We work only for you.

Commercial property owners and managers are relived at our thorough documentation of any problems found. And we can always supply replacement copies quickly.

Let's Get It Right The First Time

The report we prepare for you is thorough and complete. We are always available to speak with the specialty contractor of your choice to be sure the extent of your problem is completely understood.

If the directions given in your report are followed, there is an excellent chance clearance will be successful the first time.

Let’s not “try, try again” for clearance – that becomes unnecessarily expensive.