When To Test

Many people are allergic to things found in common house dust. This can include but are not limited to Pollens, Plants, Animal Dander, or Insect Parts. If your Medical Team or Allergist find that you are allergic to any of these. We can provide a sampling strategy do determine the levels in your Home, Office, or Vehicle.


Our Process

Prior to our arrival onsite, we would discuss the project and ask certain questions to determine if this sort of service may be applicable for a project.

How We Test

If you or your medical team is concerned about Dog Dander, Cat Dander, Rodent Feces and Urine, and Dust Mites. M.A.R.I.A. testing is the preferred method. This sample is taken with a vacuumed in specific areas or rooms to determine the levels of those contaminants in the dust. This can show the if any of these animals are or were present in the areas tested. This dust can be found in high concentrations in carpeting and upholstered furniture.

Cleanup Action

If an elevation of a specific contaminant is found through this testing, then an abatement protocol can be developed. The abatement action may be as simple as removing the source (i.e. pest control expert removing mice/rats) or can be more in-depth if professional cleaning of all contents and surfaces as well as the HVAC system if applicable.

Validation Testing

After any appropriate abatement has been performed, we can return to perform post abatement validation testing to prove that levels have decreased.