About Us

Local San Francisco Bay Area Business Since 2001

We provide consulting and testing for contamination using industry standard knowledge and equipment for a wide variety of pollutants

Our team is competent in assessments of the condition of structures, systems, and contents at a job site. Based on our client's concerns, the history of the building, and what we find onsite, we create a sampling strategy that is discussed with our client before any samples are collected. Once samples are collected, they are submitted to a certified environmental laboratory. Lab results are reviewed and interpreted along with the information gathered from the onsite inspection. If a hazard is found, then an abatement/remediation protocol is produced outlining any applicable next steps for the project. The goal is to return the job site to a healthy indoor environment.

Learn About Us

American Air Testing was established as a business by John R. Riera and Laura Riera on Halloween after 09/11/2001. California had passed a law at that time that required real estate sellers to disclose the presence of mold during the sale of property. As there were few indoor environmental consultants available for this testing, and opportunity was seized and this business was created. After enrolling and completing necessary courses and passing applicable exams, John and Laura became certified consultants.

This business began solely inspecting buildings for mold, but as time went on, testing for additional contaminants was added; asbestos, lead-based paint, lead in soil, VOCs, allergens in dust, and drinking water.  Many buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area are older and many have those contaminants present. The presence of asbestos and/or lead-based paint in a mold project expands the necessary work needed.

In 2004, John J. Riera joined American Air Testing. In 2009, Michelle Riera joined American Air Testing. The business is now comprised of only four people. We have remained a small, family business by choice. In this industry, there are many large scale companies, but our family business prides ourselves on taking time to provide personal and customized services for each client.

We now also offer chemical VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and LEEDs air testing services. In conjunction with this service we can perform air mapping to determine ideal places to collect samples. 

Independent Environmental Testing

We are environmental consultants. We do not perform any sort of abatement or remediation services. In this way, we do not have any financial interest to find a problem which can cause a conflict of interest in this industry.

We submit all of our samples to independent certified laboratories for analysis. We do not analyze our own samples. This insures we can always delivery unbiased information.