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Your physician may want to run additional allergy tests before giving you guidance. Please show your physician your report. We are always available to answer questions.

We cannot answer that question without a physical inspection. More info here.


If you heating system and ducts were installed before 1981, it’s a good idea. Your heating company/other workers will probably not be licensed to test for asbestos. Ask to see a license – it looks like a driver’s license issued by the state.

Probably! Your rental agreement should have a HUD statement about lead-based paint in your apartment. Take a look at your lease. Lead and Children, Allowable Lead Levels 2020How to Clean Up Lead Dust.

Directions for cleaning mold settled spores from stuffed toys and clothing are here.

If you see discoloration or mold growth on clothing or stuffed toys, discard and replace.

Mold indicates water damage from a leak, elevated humidity, or a foundation issue. Damage continues as long as water is present. Here’s more info.

If your building was built before 1981, there is a high probability that asbestos is present. Test BEFORE you demo or remodel. Assess Your Risk

IF – and it’s a BIG IF – your chosen mold remediation company or abatement contractor follows our professional recommendations and industry standards, it’s 100%. If not, then not so much. Give us a call to discuss. 415-337-2923.

For a trained professional mold consultant please see the American Council for Accredited Certification. The consultants with the lowest certificate numbers have the most experience.

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