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American Air Testing is a small, local family business of indoor environmental professionals who are qualified by knowledge, skill, education, training, certifications and experience.

Our team is able to perform assessments of the environmental condition of structures, systems, and contents at a job site, create a sampling strategy, sample the indoor environment, including outside baselines, and submit samples to an appropriate laboratories. Laboratory results are reviewed and interpreted, along with the onsite inspection. This is for the purpose of establishing an abatement/remediation protocol. The goal is to return your job site to a healthy indoor environment.


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Toxic Mold Makes People Sick

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Everyone responds differently to mold. Mold becomes “toxic” when the spore count level in the inside ambient air is greater than outside. Some people are very sensitive, while others don’t respond to very high levels of mold. Higher levels of toxic mold spores has been linked to asthma in some groups. Most reactions are sneezing and coughing when exposed to higher levels of mold. Please consult your physician or health professional for personal guidance. Mold growth or odor is a sign of water leaks/elevated humidity that are causing building damage or damage to stored contents.

Your physician may want to run additional allergy tests before giving you guidance. If you are concerned that you have been exposed inside your home or office, we recommend a Peace of Mind Mold Inspection. If no elevated levels of mold are found inside your home or office, your allergic reaction may be caused by another allergen. Please show your physician your report. We are always available to answer questions.

The laws around asbestos sampling are complicated. Basically, we need 3 samples of each material identified on the EPA asbestos list that is under 5,000 square feet. More info here

To Assess Your Asbestos Risk also may be useful to you.

IF – and it’s a BIG IF – your chosen mold remediation company or abatement contractor follows our professional recommendations and industry standards, it’s 99%. If not, then not so much. 

We like to speak with your chosen environmental contractor before, during, and after your project to assist in this success.  Your contractor does not have to be on our list. We prefer to always speak with all other interested parties in your project with YOU on the phone/email line.

Give us a call to discuss your project. 415-337-2923

For a trained professional mold consultant please see the American Council for Accredited Certification. The consultants with the lowest certificate numbers have the most experience.

From time to time we do accept larger jobs outside the SF Bay Area. Please give us a call to discuss. 415-337-2923

First wash and thoroughly dry the stuffed toy. If it is not suitable for laundry, the toy should be removed and replaced.

Once the toy is dry, gently remove stitching that will allow removal of all stuffing. Discard all stuffing inside a plastic bag that is tied or sealed. Wear a mask and gloves while doing this work. Is possible do this work outside in a mild breeze.

Resuff the toy with new stuffing and see the smile on your child’s face!

Directions for cleaning mold settled spores from stuffed toys and clothing are here.

If you see discoloration or mold growth on clothing or stuffed toys, discard and replace.

There are multiple governing organizations that regulate asbestos use and removal. The AHERA Standard is widely followed. It outlines identification of Asbestos Containing Materials and the square footage using the 3, 5, 7 Rule. More info here. We hold licenses and insurance for asbestos identification and clearance. Our licenses will enable you to obtain a J-card or demo permit.

If your building was built before 1981, there is a high probability that asbestos is present. Test BEFORE you demo or remodel. Read more Assess Your Asbestos Risk.

Formaldehyde is used in building materials, primarily as an additive to wood glue because it requires a low-cure temperature and is resistant to abrasion.  Formaldehyde is a carcinogen.  Formaldehyde was listed by the State of California  in 1988 as a chemical that causes cancer. There is a new bill under current review that will ban formaldehyde in beauty products, especially baby shampoo. Formaldehyde off-gasses quickly to the point where it is not smelled by most, but the chemical still remains in the air.

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