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American Air Testing, Inc. is a small family business of consultants with current certifications and knowledge attained throughout 20+ years of experience within the indoor air quality industry.

We are consultants. We are hired to perform testing as an initial assessment and/or to perform validation/clearance testing after abatement/remediation work has been completed. We do not perform remediation/abatement (cleaning/repair) work. This is to ensure we have no conflict of interested and no financial interest to find a problem. Additionally, we have no financial ties to any remediation/abatement companies. We are an independent, third-party, consulting company.

After a short discussion telephone/email, a proposal for our services can be provided based upon the applicable contaminant(s) and scope of work. The amount, location, and type of samples to be collected is often most easily determined onsite based upon a few main factors: (1) history, (2) concern, and (3) what we encounter onsite.

Once the onsite inspection has been performed, we deliver samples to the appropriate laboratory for an independent third-party analysis. Results are then received and shared with our client. Based upon these results, if any hazard is found, repair and remediation/abatement work steps are developed and a protocol for work is produced.

After remediation/abatement work has been completed, we can return to the project and perform clearance/validation testing to ensure the repairs and cleaning have been completed successfully.

Quality customer service is our primary goal. If you are unsure where to start or need help with general information to see if we are right for you, feel free to contact us and we will aid you in whatever way we can.

With current industry standard knowledge and equipment, we provide consulting and testing of indoor air contamination for a wide variety of contaminants: