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American Air Testing is a small, local family business of indoor environmental professionals who are qualified by knowledge, skill, education, training, certifications and experience. Quality customer service is one of  our primary goals. Thorough inspections is another primary goal.

We started in 2001, so we’ve been successful and in San Francisco for quite a while. Many clients call us every time these is an environmental problem. Property Managers love us – there is no tenant that is too difficult. Attorneys love us because we a thorough and keep good records. Quality customer service is a primary goal with every client – several of our 5 star Yelp reviews were left by people that did not hire us because we told them the truth, specifically how to fix their problem without hiring us. No, that does not happen very often, but it does happen.

Our team is able to perform assessments of the condition of structures, systems, and contents at a job site, create a sampling strategy, sample the indoor environment, including outside baselines, and submit samples to an appropriate laboratories. Laboratory results are reviewed and interpreted, along with the onsite inspection information, for the purpose of establishing an abatement/remediation protocol to return of the job site to a healthy indoor air environment.

With current industry standard knowledge and equipment, we provide consulting and testing of indoor air contamination for a wide variety of contaminants:

Air Mapping – “blood hounding” odors to find the souce
Allergens in Dust – dog, cat, mouse, rat, dust mites, and molds
Asbestos Testing – status, demo surveys, and clearance CAC and SST licenses
Lead-based Paint Testing – NOVs, status, soil, water, and clearance LRCIA and LST
Toxic Mold Testing – status, and verification (clearance) Certifications: CIE, CMRS, CMC
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) surveys, and clearance
Drinking Water – lead, pesticides, chemicals (PFAAs), plus a lot more
LEEDs Air Testing – v4 and v4.1 with quick turnaround using preliminary Air Mapping
Sewage Testing – make sure it’s really clean after a sewage cleanup

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