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At American Air Testing, we understand your environmental project has uniquely specific needs in order for your environmental goals to be met. And that is why we will tailor your environmental project quotes to fit YOUR projects. One size does not fit all when it comes to a usable environmental assessment.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent and Flexible Pricing 

Our pricing is transparent and flexible, meaning that whichever project you have, we can customize our services to offer you the most accurate and fair estimate. During your onsite inspection other issues may be discovered; also, expected issues did not indicate testing. All aspects are completely discussed with you. You have the final say in testing – it can get expensive. However, not testing a recommended area will be discussed, also. The final decision is yours.

Project Collaboration

 Tell us about your special project and we’ll find a way to do it. We have tested well water used to irrigate flowers; we have tested air borne mold spore count levels in wineries, schools, government buildings, large offices spaces, sheds for demolition permits, the list is endless. 

Payment Options 

We accept Visa and MasterCard, Venmo, Purchase Orders, and your personal or business checks.

Written Quotes 

To get a written, customized quote for your particular environmental project, contact us using one of the following methods:

Factors We Discuss With You

Scope of Work

First, we listen.

The extent and complexity of the environmental issue at hand will play a significant role in determining the cost. Whether you need your mold tested or clearance, asbestos inspection needing testing for demo, remodel, or clearance, or any other service, we will thoroughly assess the scope with you. Finding out the procedures that will be required to take your project back into a safe, environmental clean area.

Project Location 

Another crucial factor is the location of the project. The different regional areas may have different environmental regulations and conditions which may affect the pricing.

Property Size 

The quotation will be on the size of the property or area to be affected. Large spaces could take up more resources and time.

Service Types 

Each of the services has a pricing structure with respect to the complexity and equipment requirement whether it’s mold remediation, lead abatement, asbestos removal, sewage clearance, VOCs testing, litigation support, or allergy dust testing.

Competitive Pricing

American Air Testing tries to approach the average pricing level compared to our competitors but always remains on top in quality to be sure about your best satisfaction. Our team will be happy to offer you their expertise at a cost-efficient price, ensuring any compromises won’t affect neither your safety nor our professionalism. Because we are thorough and complete in our investigations, we have many repeat clients that need work at a variety of buildings.

We do not hand you a lab report and pat you on the head and say good-bye. We give you a complete and thorough guide showing in photos exactly where the problem is occurring and most importantly, the source or sources of the problems. With toxic mold it is critical to repair the leaks or mold growth will probably reoccur. We speak with your chosen remediation and/or abatement company. We hold current licenses for asbestos that will enable you to get a building permit if needed

Additional Services 

Besides these core services, we offer litigation support, expert testimony and documentation on environmental legal cases. Since the subject matter of environmental practice is very intricate, the question of litigation support for this category of service has unique pricing parameters in place, with rates being determined on a separate basis for each new case consultation.



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