mold growth under carpet

ERMI stands for the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index. This testing protocol was developed by EPA.

This sampling is a combination of EPA research, powerful PCR technology, and a method to screen buildings for mold and other contaminants. It was developed by scientists at the EPA to provide a straightforward, objective, and standardized way to obtain results for indoor air quality investigations. The EPA is developing an ERMI ranking system based on dust samples collected from homes across the U.S. The ERMI will help predict the moldiness of homes. Homes with high ERMI values have a greater chance of having a mold problem then homes with a low ERMI. 36 different fungi make up the ERMI and are designated as Group I (those found in atypical, water-damaged homes) and Group II (those commonly found in all homes):

An ERMI test is a composite dust sample test. Because of this, we cannot determine from these results where the contamination or source(s) of moisture causing any contamination are located. We also cannot give accurate cleanup instructions (remediation protocol) with this sort of sampling. Also, we are testing historical dust located in your home or office. It is not possible to determine if the dust was collected over the last five years or one week. We do try to test dust from behind the furniture or appliances, if possible. 

It is recommended that a companion traditional mold air samples be taken concurrently with ERMI testing. This ensures fuller snapshot in time of the mold level exposure.

Because of the costs involved, we recommend obtaining mold air sample with ERMI dust samples and holding the ERMI samples at the lab, pending mold air sample results. If elevated mold spores are found in the air, then the ERMI dust samples can/will be processed.

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