How To Effectively Remove Mold From Clothes

clean mold from clothes

How To Effectively Remove Mold From Clothes Table of Contents Why Mold Grows On Clothes Mold Thrives in damp, dark, and humid environments. Clothes that are not properly dried or stored can easily become breeding rounds for mold. Understanding the conditions that lead to mold growth can hel you prevent it in the future. Inside […]

Vapor Barriers

vapor barriers

Vapor Barriers Table of Contents What Are Vapor Barriers? Vapor barriers, or vapor retarders, are materials used to prevent moisture from penetrating walls, ceilings, and floors within a building structure. They are crucial in controlling the amount of moisture that passes through the building envelope, thereby preventing damage such as mold growth and structural decay. […]

Storm Damage? Hire Licensed Professionals

storm damage

Assess your damage and take photos – you can’t ever have too many photos. Call your insurance company. If you have to pay for the repairs yourself always get 3 quotes from licensed, insured professionals.

Hire The Right Environmental Contractor

Hire the right environmental contractor sized

Hire the right environmental contractor for your job to get the best, least expensive results. ALWAYS get three quotes from licensed and insured contractors.

Sell Your Property Fast!

Sell Your Home Fast

Sell Your House Fast! Table of Contents Preparation Before You List Is Key To sell your property fast you need to do some homework before listing. You want to get top dollar for your property. If you do these steps BEFORE you call a listing agent, you will be able to get qualified buyers that […]

What Attorneys Should Know About Mold In 2024

What Attorneys Need to Know in 2024

What Attorneys Should Know About Mold in 2024 Table of Contents   The National Toxic Mold Standard The Nationally Recognized Standard For Mold Remediation Is The IICRC S520. The nationally recognized Standard (not a guideline, rather an ASNI approved Standard) is the ANSI/IICRC S520. This standard was created by a group of professional mold inspectors and […]

How To Hire a Mold Inspector

HIre the right mold inspector

How to Hire A Mold Inspector Table of Contents What Are The Different Kinds of Mold Inspectors? The State of California does not offer or require any type of license for mold professionals unless they perform repairs/remediation.  The most respected national credentialing organization for mold inspectors is the American Council for Accredited Certification. Look for […]

Things to Know About Water Leaks in 2024


things to know about Water Leaks In 2024 Table of Contents Find the water leak source and shut It Off If a toilet is leaking there is a valve on the wall or the floor that has a knob that you can turn off. If the knob is broken, use pliers or a vice grip. […]

Remove Mold From Stuffed Toys


How To Remove Mold From Stuffed toys Table of Contents Safety First Mold can be a serious issue, especially when it affects items that your children interact with daily, such as stuffed toys. This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to remove mold from stuffed toys, ensuring the safety and happiness of your little […]

4 Steps to a Mold Free Home


How to Have A Mold free Home Table of Contents   Stop All Water Leaks Keep Interior Humidity under 52% Outside humidity in San Francisco is normally around 50%.  In living and working spaces we find interior humidity to be between 40% and 52%. When the long term humidity exceeds 52% it becomes a concern. […]

Toxic Mold Makes People Sick

toxic mold makes people sick

toxic mold makes people sick Table of Contents Asthma, Coughing, and Hypersensitivity to Mold The medical community agrees: mold makes people sick. People that have breathing challenges, shouldn’t live in damp, moldy buildings. We are not medical experts, so we’ve added some links at the bottom of this page to interesting medical studies on mold […]

What To Expect During a Mold Remediation

What to expect remediation

What to Expect during a Mold Remediation Table of Contents Manage the finances and the frustrations Remediation means removing and cleaning up mold. Abatement means removing and cleaning up asbestos, lead, lead-based paint, chemicals, or sewage. The is seldom an easy or inexpensive process. Following these steps will save your money, your timeline, and maybe […]

Prepare For Your Mold Inspection

Prepare for your mold inspection

Prepare For Your Mold Inspection Table of Contents Better Preparation = Better Results Remember these steps when preparing for mold inspections and get ready to breathe easier today. Keep all doors and windows closed for a period of two hours before any testing begins. If the windows and doors have been left open, we can […]

Ozone Does Not Kill Mold


Ozone Does Not Kill Mold Table of Contents Does Ozone Kill Mold? Debunking the Myth What Science Says Contrary to popular belief, ozone does not effectively remove mold contamination. Mold is a living organism. When it is deprived of oxygen with ozone, it will “die” BUT the dead mold spores can produce mycotoxins which are […]

Mold Laws and Occupancy


Mold Laws and Occupancy Table of Contents Information about San Francisco and tenants. Total allowable occupancy may also include overall unit size and consideration of its layout. Concerns of Overcrowding: This will likely lead to further property deterioration, danger to safety risks, and contravention of the city’s housing code due to the fact that many […]