Hire The Right Environmental Contractor

Hire the right environmental contractor sized

Hire the right environmental contractor for your job to get the best, least expensive results. ALWAYS get three quotes from licensed and insured contractors.

Toxic Mold Makes People Sick

toxic mold makes people sick

toxic mold makes people sick Table of Contents Asthma, Coughing, and Hypersensitivity to Mold The medical community agrees: mold makes people sick. People that have breathing challenges, shouldn’t live in damp, moldy buildings. We are not medical experts, so we’ve added some links at the bottom of this page to interesting medical studies on mold […]

Dust Exposure and Allergens


Dust Exposure and Allergens Table of Contents   Effectively controlling dust and allergens in your home can be challenging, especially with outdoor triggers like construction dust and pollen. This guide covers key steps to assess, test for, and reduce allergen and dust exposure through modifications and professional services. Perform A Thorough Site Assessment To Identify […]

ERMI Dust Testing


ERMI Dust Testing Table of Contents ERMI dust Testing Finds Mold Spores in House Dust ERMI Stands For The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index The objective of the original ERMI dust testing research was to confirm or deny mold as a factor in asthmatic children living in homes in Boston, Kansas City, and San Diego in […]

MARIA Dust Testing


Maria Dust Testing Table of Contents MARIA Dust Testing Will Show The Presence Of Dog And Cat Dander, Mouse And Rodent Feces And Urine, And Dust Mites By Type If your Allergist or Medical Team find you are allergic to dog  or cat dander, mice or rodent feces or urine, or dust mites, then MARIA […]