Understanding Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children

Understanding elevated blood lead levels in children

Understanding Elevated Blood Lead levels Table of Contents Understanding Elevated Blood Lead Levels In Children An elevated blood lead level is a concentration of lead in the blood that is higher than the reference value established by California Department of Health, typically measured in micrograms per deciliter (μg/dL). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

What To Expect Lead-based Paint Abatement

What to Expect Lead-based Abatement

what to Expect lead-based Paint Abatement Common Lead Contamination Sources Lead contamination can be found in a variety of settings, however it is most commonly found in paint manufactured prior to 1978 when such materials were banned for public use. Older homes and buildings are especially prone to such hazards due to the presence of […]

Storm Damage? Hire Licensed Professionals

storm damage

Assess your damage and take photos – you can’t ever have too many photos. Call your insurance company. If you have to pay for the repairs yourself always get 3 quotes from licensed, insured professionals.

Hire The Right Environmental Contractor

Hire the right environmental contractor sized

Hire the right environmental contractor for your job to get the best, least expensive results. ALWAYS get three quotes from licensed and insured contractors.

ADU Environmental Policy

ADU environmental policy

ADU Policy Table of Contents Asbestos Surveys If you are replacing an existing structure that was built before 1980 asbestos testing is required for the building permit. The majority of counties do not, at this time, require an additional lead based paint survey. Berkeley does require a lead survey before a permit is issued. If […]

Sell Your Property Fast!

Sell Your Home Fast

Sell Your House Fast! Table of Contents Preparation Before You List Is Key To sell your property fast you need to do some homework before listing. You want to get top dollar for your property. If you do these steps BEFORE you call a listing agent, you will be able to get qualified buyers that […]

What Parents Need to Know About Lead-based Paints


What Parents Need to Know About Lead-based Paint Table of Contents Our Old City is Painted in Lead-based Paints Beautiful as our City is, the lead-based paint is a danger to all children under 7 years of age. And lead dust isn’t so good for the rest of us, either. Children under 7 are susceptible […]

San Francisco Lead Dust Levels Allowed

san-francisco-lead-dust-levels allowed

San Francisco Lead dust levels Allowed Lead Dust Levels Overview Allowed lead levels for interior floors and window sills was lowered in an effort to protect children from lead poisoning. There are higher levels that are acceptable if you live in a HUD owned property. Regardless of the allowed levels, children should be protected from […]

How To Clean Up Lead Dust

How to clean up lead dust

How to Clean Up Lead dust Table of Contents Lead dust is created from from the door or window parts that rub against each other. See the rub marks on the old door and frame above for an example. For example where the door rubs the frame. In older homes and child care facilities these […]