What Is Mold Remediation?

Proper mold remediation is done by trained workers appropriately clothed with mask. Correctly installed and functioning engineering controls. Ducting is well sealed. Descent electrical wiring for machinery along with correctly installed lights.

mold-remediationMold remediation is the process of safely removing toxic molds and cleaning the exposed building area. The leaks/high humidity needs to be fixed or the mold will probably return.

Proper mold remediation is done by trained workers appropriately clothed with personal protective equipment. A plastic chamber with engineering controls is erected around the building area to be removed. Ducting is well sealed.

The leaks have to be fixed.

There is nothing in a bottle or a fogger that stops mold growth. Bleach will lighten some staining in some building materials. However, the water content from the bleach will feed the micro-sized mold spores remaining on the substrate. And the mold will grow again.

Hiring a handyman to “clean up the mold” is cheap, but probably won’t fix the problem. Mold will usually return within a month, depending upon the water source.

There’s a saying in this industry: Do it right or do it over.

We were recently working on a project that involved the sale of a very expensive home. There was a leak from a break in the exterior siding that caused mold growth.  We were told it was professionally remediation with all the leaks repaired. Well, we found high levels of mold in the breathing zone. And the sale in now on hold. This is very expensive for all stakeholders in this project. ALWAYS get a mold remediation verification (clearance testing) document.

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