Particles Testing


Particles Testing Smoke, Pollen, Fiberglass, Skin Cells, animal Dander, Molds, and Dust Mites We can test the air and the dust or wall residue in your home, office, or vehicle for smoke,pollen, fiberglass, skin cells, and dust mites. This type of testing is most beneficial if you are working with an allergist that has identified […]

Reduce Your Formaldehyde Exposure


Reduce Your Formaldehyde Exposure You can Reduce Your Formaldehyde Exposure in Personal Care Items By Reading The Label. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t buy the product. Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals are often used in shampoos including baby shampoos and liquid soaps. Formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing chemicals are sometimes present in the following items: […]

Cigarette Smoke Testing


Cigarette Smoke Testing Cigarette Smoke testing for a mixture of Mainstream and sidestream Smoke Most of us prefer to live without cigarette smoke coming from the next unit, floating in through an open window, or otherwise invading our personal space. But in multi unit buildings, it’s almost impossible. You may want to consider an air […]

Formaldehyde Testing

formaldehyde testing

Formaldehyde Testing Formaldehyde testing may find vapors from new cabinets, laminate floors, pressed wood products like particle board, spray foam insulation, carpets and pads, draperies and curtains, fire retardants or permanent press additives, resins and glues, unvented fuel-burning appliances such as gas stoves or kerosene heaters. There are small amounts of formaldehyde in most homes […]

Particles Matter


Particles Matter Particles Matter because You Breathe them You will breathe better the fewer wildfire and other types of particulates that you breathe. Some particulate matter is so small that the human lungs cannot expel the particles after they have been inhaled.  This ultra-small particulate matter is referred to as non-respirable particles. This small particulate […]

What To Expect During Remediation

what to expect during remediation or abatement

What To Expect During Remediation Manage the finances and the frustrations This photo shows new sheet rock, subfloor, plumbing, framing plus new sheet rock, plumbing, and framing in the area below this bath. Remediation means removing and cleaning up mold. Abatement means removing and cleaning up asbestos, lead, lead-based paint, chemicals, or sewage. The is […]