Vapor Barriers

vapor barriers

Vapor Barriers A vapor barrier is a special layer, usually fireproof 6 ml. plastic, put in a basement to stop moisture from getting into the walls and causing damage. It helps keep the basement dry and healthy. Vapor barriers, or vapor retarders, are materials used to protect buildings and other structures from the damaging effects […]

What To Expect During a Lead Abatement


What to expect during a lead abatement Common Lead Contamination Sources Lead contamination can be found in a variety of settings, however it is most commonly found in paint manufactured prior to 1978 when such materials were banned for public use. Older homes and buildings are especially prone to such hazards due to the presence […]

Storm Damage? Don’t Get Scammed

Assess your damage and take photos – you can’t ever have too many photos. Call your insurance company. If you have to pay for the repairs yourself always get 3 quotes from licensed, insured professionals.

Hire The Right Environmental Contractor


Hire the right environmental contractor for your job to get the best, least expensive results. ALWAYS get three quotes from licensed and insured contractors.

9 Things Attorneys Should Know About Mold

John R. Riera

9 Things Attorneys Should know about Mold John R. Riera, CIE, CMRS, CMC, CAC, LRCIA #1 National Standard The Nationally Recognized Standard For Mold Remediation Is The IICRC S52 The nationally recognized Standard (not a guideline, rather an ASNI approved Standard) is the ANSI/IICRC S520 here. This standard was created by a group of professional mold […]

How To Hire a Mold Inspector

John R. Riera

How To Hire A Mold Inspector What Are The Different Kinds of Mold Inspectors? The State of California does not offer or require any type of license for mold professionals that do not do repairs/remediation.  The most respected national credentialing organization for mold inspectors is the American council for Accredited Certification. Look for these credentials:  […]

5 Things to Know About Water Leaks


5 Things to Know About Water Leaks 1. How To Respond To A Water Leaks If you find a leak or have a flooding episode, stop the water/turn off the water if you can.  Have a professional clean up and dry out all affected building materials and contents.  This should be done within 24 to […]

Limit Environmental Liability for Landlords – Part 2


Limit Environmental Liability for Landlords- Part 2 If You Have a Tenant Complaint About Mold To limit environmental liability it is necessary for an Environmental Consultant to create documentation as though every case was going to trial. That’s exactly what we do. It is important the problem seen by the tenant is clearly identified. We […]

Limit Environmental Liability for Landlords


Limit Environmental Liability For Landlords Protect Yourself! Before tenants move into your new property get an environmental inspection! Due to current real estate market conditions an environmental consultant’s inspection isn’t usually possible. So, after you purchase a property, an environmental survey will give you a professional, complete evaluation of the status of mold, asbestos, or […]

Remove Mold from Stuffed Toys


Remove Mold From Stuffed Toys DO NOT USE THIS METHOD IS YOU SEE ANY DISCOLORATION OR OTHER SIGNS OF MOLD GROWTH ON THE OUTSIDE OF STUFFED TOYS. For the safety of your child, please call a professional content cleaning company. Call us for a list. Open a seam in the toy and remove all stuffing. […]

4 Steps to a Mold Free Home


4 Steps to a Mold Free Home Stop all water leaks and Keep the interior Relative Humidity under 52˚. Outside humidity in San Francisco is normally around 50%.  In living and working spaces we find interior humidity to be between 40% and 52%. When the long term humidity exceeds 52% it becomes a concern. Humidity […]

Toxic Mold Makes People Sick

toxic mold makes people sick

Toxic Mold Makes People Sick Asthma, Coughing, and Hypersensitivity to Mold The medical community agrees: mold makes people sick. People that have breathing challenges, shouldn’t live in damp, moldy buildings. We are not medical experts, so we’ve added some links at the bottom of this page to interesting medical studies on mold and health. Remember […]

What To Expect During Remediation

what to expect during remediation or abatement

What To Expect During Remediation Manage the finances and the frustrations This photo shows new sheet rock, subfloor, plumbing, framing plus new sheet rock, plumbing, and framing in the area below this bath. Remediation means removing and cleaning up mold. Abatement means removing and cleaning up asbestos, lead, lead-based paint, chemicals, or sewage. The is […]

Prepare For Your Mold Inspection

Prepare For Your Mold Inspection

Prepare For Your Mold Inspection Better Preparation = Better Results Remember these steps when preparing for mold inspections and get ready to breathe easier today. Keep all doors and windows closed for a period of two hours before any testing begins. If the windows and doors have been left open, we can only test diluted […]

Ozone Does Not Kill Mold


Ozone Does Not Kill Mold Ozone Does No Kill Moldfds Ozone does not remove mold contamination. Water and cellulose cause mold growth. The water sources must be removed first. Second, all building materials and contents affected by growing and settled mold spores must be replaced or professionally cleaned. So, even if a contractor tents your […]

Mold Laws and Occupancy


Mold Laws and Occupancy One Of The Most Notable San Francisco Mold Laws And Occupancy Is SB 655. We Encourage You To Read This Bill Yourself. Click Here. The California Apartment Association did a marvelous job of limiting certain provisions in SB 655. However, there remain problems for landlords and tenants. It is cheaper and easier for […]

Mold Consultants In Other Areas

mold consultants outside SF

Mold Consultants In Other Areas Find Here American Council Of Accredited Certification Your chosen Mold Consultant should have Experience with Peer Reviewed Credentials. This is very important to the success of your job! ACAC is the most widely recognized credentialing organization in the US. When issuing certifications to toxic mold consultants, candidates’ must have work […]

Choose the Right HEPA Air Purifier

choose the right HEPA air purifier

Choose The Right HEPA Air Purifier How To Choose the Right HEPA Air Purifier For You The two major kinds of HEPA air purifiers are home/portable and built-in systems for your HVAC.  The built-in systems are not covered here. Portable units that can be moved from room to room are an ideal solution for older […]