Environmental Challenges after Flooding

The Challenges of Returning a Safe and Secure Environment after Flooding

Given the serious dangers posed by flooding, it’s essential that building owners and occupants take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others. This includes wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, respirators, and eye protection, as well as taking steps to minimize exposure to contaminants and mold. Additionally, building owners should engage the services of environmental professionals who can assist with hazardous waste management and air quality testing. By taking these steps, building owners and occupants can minimize their risk of exposure to environmental hazards and help ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in the building.

What To Expect During a Lead Abatement


What to expect during a lead abatement Common Lead Contamination Sources Lead contamination can be found in a variety of settings, however it is most commonly found in paint manufactured prior to 1978 when such materials were banned for public use. Older homes and buildings are especially prone to such hazards due to the presence […]

Hire The Right Environmental Contractor


Hire the right environmental contractor for your job to get the best, least expensive results. ALWAYS get three quotes from licensed and insured contractors.

Learn About Asbestos Testing


Learn About Asbestos Testing The photo above was taken from an old Mae West movie. It was used to show how our attitudes about asbestos have changed. “Asbestos” is a group of six naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are extremely resistant to heat, electricity, and corrosion. While these qualities make it a very useful material, […]

What To Expect During An Asbestos Abatement


What To Expect from an Asbestos Abatement Understand the Rules If asbestos containing building materials to be removed exceeding 100 square feet and/or contain a bearing wall, a professional asbestos abatement contractor should be hired. Some counties now require a lead-based paint inspection certificate, also, before issuing a building permit. More Info: BAAQMD 10-Day-Notice SFDBI […]

Limit Environmental Liability for Landlords – Part 2


Limit Environmental Liability for Landlords- Part 2 If You Have a Tenant Complaint About Mold To limit environmental liability it is necessary for an Environmental Consultant to create documentation as though every case was going to trial. That’s exactly what we do. It is important the problem seen by the tenant is clearly identified. We […]

How Many Asbestos Samples Will I Need?


How Many Asbestos Samples Will I Need? The 3,5,7 Rule Determining the number of samples to be taken for bulk materials: 3 Samples if the specific material is <1000 square feet. 5 Samples if the specific material is between 1000-5000 square feet. 7 Samples if the specific material is >5000 square feet. If an environmental […]

Access Your Asbestos Risks


Reduce Your Asbestos Risk Access Your Asbestos Risks for Your Family, Tenants, or Office Buildings Built After 1981 Generally Do Not Contain Asbestos Access your asbestos risks by taking a thorough look around your property. Here’s a link to the EPA list of common building materials that contained asbestos in homes and commercial properties build […]

Who Can Test for Asbestos


Who Can Test For Asbestos It Depends If it’s Clearance Testing for a school a government building, or a public building a CAC (Certified Asbestos Consultant) should do TEM air sampling. If it’s a demolition or includes a bearing wall, A CAC should do the bulk testing. You will need the CAC j-card number when […]

What To Expect During Remediation

what to expect during remediation or abatement

What To Expect During Remediation Manage the finances and the frustrations This photo shows new sheet rock, subfloor, plumbing, framing plus new sheet rock, plumbing, and framing in the area below this bath. Remediation means removing and cleaning up mold. Abatement means removing and cleaning up asbestos, lead, lead-based paint, chemicals, or sewage. The is […]

EPA Asbestos List


EPA Asbestos List Buildings Built Before 1981 May Have Asbestos Containing Building Mateirals Probable Asbestos Containing Materials EPA Sample List of Asbestos Containing Materials NOTE: This list does not include every product/material that may contain asbestos. It is intended as a general guide to show which types of materials that may contain asbestos. High Temperature […]