Particles Testing


Particles Testing Smoke, Pollen, Fiberglass, Skin Cells, animal Dander, Molds, and Dust Mites We can test the air and the dust or wall residue in your home, office, or vehicle for smoke,pollen, fiberglass, skin cells, and dust mites. This type of testing is most beneficial if you are working with an allergist that has identified […]

Particles Matter


Particles Matter Particles Matter because You Breathe them You will breathe better the fewer wildfire and other types of particulates that you breathe. Some particulate matter is so small that the human lungs cannot expel the particles after they have been inhaled.  This ultra-small particulate matter is referred to as non-respirable particles. This small particulate […]

Dust Exposure and Allergens


Dust Exposure and Allergens Managing Dust Exposure And Allergens It’s a tricky balance to manage dust exposure and your allergens in San Francisco. There are lots of construction sites that create dust that contains molds. Your neighbor may have a dog or cat and the walls between your homes aren’t air tight. Old windows allow […]

Choose the Right HEPA Air Purifier

choose the right HEPA air purifier

Choose The Right HEPA Air Purifier How To Choose the Right HEPA Air Purifier For You The two major kinds of HEPA air purifiers are home/portable and built-in systems for your HVAC.  The built-in systems are not covered here. Portable units that can be moved from room to room are an ideal solution for older […]

ERMI Dust Testing


ERMI Dust Testing ERMI dust Testing Finds Mold Spores in House Dust ERMI Stands For The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index The objective of the original ERMI dust testing research was to confirm or deny mold as a factor in asthmatic children living in homes in Boston, Kansas City, and San Diego in 2006. The testing […]

MARIA Dust Testing


MARIA Dust Testing MARIA Dust Testing Will Show The Presence Of Dog And Cat Dander, Mouse And Rodent Feces And Urine, And Dust Mites By Type. If your Allergist or Medical Team find you are allergic to dog  or cat dander, mice or rodent feces or urine, or dust mites, then MARIA dust testing it […]