SF Lead Notice Of Violation


SF Lead Notice Of Violation Documentation for Satisfaction​

Buildings built before 1978 in San Francisco often contain lead-based paint on the doors and window frames.

Typically, SF Lead Notice of Violation for Lead-based Paint or NOV is issued when a child’s pediatrician finds elevated levels of lead in a child’s blood. A NOV can also be triggered by when a contractor fails to clean up lead dust and/or lead-based paint chips after repairs. A NOV can also occur after a neighbor’s or tenant’s complaint.

When a complaint is received, an Lead-based Paint Inspector from the City will visit the property. At that point a formal NOV is usually issued to the building owner. It’s the building owner that is responsible for cleaning up the lead-based paint and dust.

If the SFDBI inspector finds peeling, chipping paint or dust in an area where a child or children may be present, then a NOV is issued. If a child under seven years of age has a blood lead level test done by a medical professional that shows elevated lead levels, the building owner will receive a San Francisco Lead Notice of Violation. The physician is required by law to report the child’s elevated blood lead level. We are also required by law to report all lead-based paint testing results to the California Department of Health.

Lead-paint dust is created when there is friction of painted surfaces. So, when someone opens a door painted with lead-based paint, lead-containing dust, in small amounts, falls on the ground.

Lead Paint Dust Can Cause Mental Retardation, Especially In Children.

Lead-based paint covers most of the walls, interior, and exterior, in San Francisco.
That's the basis of the SF Lead Notice of Violation

Children eat lead on porch rails and on window sills because it is sweet. Before the dangers of lead consumption were know, lead was used as a sweetener in cooking. 

Children crawl through lead dust, then put their hands in their mouths.

Lead dust happens when a door and window that has lead-based paint scrap or wear on each other producing dust. This dust is seldom visible to the naked eye, but does contain enough lead to potentially harm a child. Even if the top layer is lead-free, the bottom layers may contain lead and product lead dust from the friction of one part rubbing against another part. You can maintain a lead-free home for your child by wiping all door and window floor and sill areas daily with a damp paper towel or Swiffer-type pad. Discard the towel or pad inside a plastic, sealed bag.

Sometimes paint encapsulation is recommended as a way to control lead paint dust and chips. Encapsulation is much cheaper than removal, but if children under 7 years of age live in the home, all areas of lead-based paint encapsulation must be closely monitored all the time. Brain damage to small children is usually not reversible.

A SF Notice of Violation can be looked at as a wake up call for homeowners with small children as well as landlords.​

American Air Testing holds all the lead credentials to quickly, completely and thoroughly resolve a Lead Paint NOV’s on your behalf. We can perform the initial testing and give clean up guidance to your chosen lead abatement contractor. After the cleanup testing is usually required; which we can provide. We like to do an initial lead test to confirm the NOV is valid; from time to time we find no lead present and that satisfies the NOV.

NOVs are similar to parking tickets – it’s a small amount to pay it now, but if you ignore it, you can receive a boot on your car – or in this case – a lien on your building.

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