SF Asbestos Notice of Violation

Have you received an Asbestos Notice of Violation (NOV) from San Francisco Building Department for a property that you own? We can help!

This type of NOV can be a minor annoyance or require a major, expensive repair. If you don’t respond to this NOV, it will balloon into fines and liens from the SFBDI. Depending on the situation the Bay Air Air Quality Management District may become involved.  Please don’t consider “shortcuts” – hire a licensed, insured, professional abatement contractor to handle the situation.

We can provide the necessary documentation for asbestos clearance.

We can also determine the extent of any asbestos release before work begins. Both of these documents will become important for you, removing the NOV, the sale or transfer of this property, and any tenants that may be involved.

The Building Department is very busy; so there is usually a complaint about the building for the Building Department to “come visit” your project. Often neighbors are concerned about what is happening on your project. Communication with all interested parties will certainly help. Very few people know what to expect during asbestos removal. If your neighbors can see that you are using correct removal methods, it will help speed your project. This article assumes that you know better than to hire untrained, unskilled workers to demo your project.

Think of an Asbestos NOV like a parking ticket – ignore it and your building will eventually get an expensive boot.

If you have received a Notice of Violation for asbestos, lead or mold (or all three) call us. If we don’t answer the phone – no “push 1 for this and 2 for that” – leave us a message, and we will call you back ASAP. Understand that time is not your friend with a NOV.

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