Lead Drinking Water In Child Care Centers


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Lead Water Testing Requirements

A Child Care Center is a building where children are cared for that do not have a resident living onsite.

The requirements for this testing is very complex; more so than any other type of testing we perform. If you are interested in this testing, please give the office a call (415-337-2923) or email jriera@americanairtesting.com. Include the drawings of your school’s water system that are required by the Fire Department. This will give us a much better understanding of your project. If drawings are not available, we can create them for you.

AB 2370 Required Lead Drinking Water Testing

Lead levels in all drinking water outlets require testing in compliance with AB 2370 before Jan. 1, 2023.

As much as twenty percent of children’s exposure to lead comes from drinking water. EPA’s Health Effects

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The testing protocol for this lead water testing is complete and thorough. It was definitely written by scientists, not legislators. It’s ONE GOAL is to protect children. So please understand when we have to ask you a million questions and you have to gather maps and other documents for us that it’s all about protecting the children. There are a minimum of three separate visits necessary for this testing. 

Why This New Law Is So Important

Lead inhibits brain development is small children, especially under 6 years of age. California passed a new bill that was finalized in Feb. 2022 requiring extensive drinking water testing of all Child Care Centers build after 2010. Also, if the main water supply is shared with an older building, that older building will require lead water testing.

Some of the known effects of lead in water in children:

  • Retarded Growth
  • Permanent brain damage
  • Learning disabilities
  • Lowered IQ
  • Behavior challenges
  • Stunted growth
  • Hearing loss may also occur

These projects are very complex due to the rigid State requirements. It’s best if you call on a phone and speak with John. Be prepared for a lengthy phone conversation. As always, you are welcome to email us your requests.