Drinking Water Testing

There are a wide variety of potential drinking water contaminants

The laboratory that we utilize for analysis of these samples offers a wide variety of “scans” including many potential contaminants.

If there is one specific contaminant of concern (most often we get inquiries for lead) we have pricing options available to this as well.

Confidentiality is always maintained with our client(s). American Air Testing does not release any information about any project with any other party than our client unless given written consent from our client or their agents.

All costs for our services are discussed and outlined clearly in our proposal before the project and again onsite before any sampling is collected.

When To Test

If there has been a known or suspected exposure to contaminants and the source is unknown, then drinking water sampling can be beneficial.

Our Process

Every project is unique. We begin each project by listening to our client’s concerns and discussing possible options and strategize the most cost-effective way to determine the extent of the potential contamination. We would collect water samples from the plumbing where the drinking water for the property is located.

How We Test

We would collect water samples from the plumbing where the drinking water for the property is located.

All sampling collected is submitted to a licensed environmental laboratory for analysis. We primarily use ETR Labs located in Massachusetts for our mold samples. Other laboratories are used for other contaminants if applicable.

Interpreting Results

Industry standard practice dictates that levels of contaminants be below any established PELs (permissible exposure limits) set by the EPA.

Drinking Water Remediation Action

If laboratory results yield elevated levels of any particular contaminant, then either installing some sort of filtration system or re-plumbing the property should be considered.

After remediation has been performed, American Air Testing can provide further testing to confirm that no further contamination exists.