Asbestos is highly Regulated for Construction

Disturbing building materials that contain asbestos may release asbestos fibers into the air. Breathing asbestos fibers causes serious harm to human lungs. That’s why testing for the presence or absence of asbestos in building materials in pre-1981 buildings is usually required by the SFDBI before issuing a building permit.

Asbestos Status or Survey

An asbestos inspection is an initial inspection to identify and test building materials to determine the presence of asbestos above 1%.

An asbestos status or asbestos survey document is created from this inspection and lab testing results of materials tested. We also include photos as well as material measurements of all installations of asbestos containing materials. This document is useful in obtaining removal or abatement quotes that are all bidding on the same materials.

To obtain a demo permit you need an asbestos survey conducted by a CAC.  This is a service we are licensed to perform as we hold the California Asbestos Consultant license. The search form is at the bottom of this page. Use Riera as the last name to get accurate results.

Asbestos materials that exceed 100 square feet above 1% must be removed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor and delivered to a toxic dump site. There is a lengthy chain of custody needed for these materials.

This initial inspection will enable you to obtain a J card from the building department for demo. All demo permits require a J card in San Francisco.

Asbestos Peace Of Mind

Asbestos Peace of Mind inspections can include physical removal of material for testing or a visual inspection with photos for a sale.

Sometimes a furnace installer will remove ducts in an old home and leave behind a lot of dust. The homeowner if, rightfully, concerned. We understand and will completely address your concerns! No one wants to expose themselves and family to airborne asbestos fibers.

Asbestos Clearance

Asbestos clearance is required by law for schools and government buildings. Common sense tells us that after an asbestos removal job, and before the containment is removed, asbestos clearance testing needs to be done.

We offer both TEM and PCM asbestos testing. TEM analysis looks only for asbestos fibers and it required for schools and most public buildings. PCM asbestos testing looks for all fibers that are the same size as asbestos. This testing is primarily done to ensure worker safety when additional remodel work needs to be done before final testing.

How Many Asbestos Samples Will I Need?

Assess Your Asbestos Risk

There are multiple government agencies that regulate the care of existing asbestos and the removal or demo. Here’s a link to multiple regulator agencies resources.