Asbestos Testing


Any structure built prior to 1981 is assumed to contain asbestos

There are many building materials that can contain asbestos. It is recommended that prior to a planned renovation/remodel/demolition that an asbestos survey be performed to determine asbestos presence/absence to ensure that removal/disturbance is performed correctly.

Confidentiality is always maintained with our client(s). American Air Testing does not release any information about any project with any other party than our client unless given written consent from our client or their agents.

All costs for our services are discussed and outlined clearly in our proposal before the project and again onsite before any sampling is collected.


Pre-demolition surveys are a specialty! Our reports come with the J-card number you need to get the 10 day Notification Permit form BAAQMD.

When To Test

Prior to a planned renovation/remodel/demolition an asbestos survey should be performed to determine asbestos presence/absence to ensure that removal/disturbance is performed by the correct contractor.

If a recent abatement or other disturbance of known or suspect asbestos has occurred, bulk and/or air sampling may be appropriate.

Our Process

Every project is unique. We begin each project by listening to our client’s concerns and discussing possible options and strategize the most cost-effective way to determine the presence or absence of asbestos.

How We Test

Our primary method for testing for asbestos is through bulk sampling or air sampling.

Bulk sampling is usually conducted prior to a renovation/remodel/demolition to determine the presence/absence of asbestos in all building materials that will be disturbed in some way.

Air sampling is usually conduction after disturbance or professional abatement of known or suspected asbestos containing material has been performed.

The specific sampling strategy is most easily determined once an onsite evaluation can be made, but estimates of type and number of samples may be discussed prior to our inspection.

All sampling collected is submitted to a licensed environmental laboratory for analysis. We primarily use Environmental Microbiology Labs (EMLabs) located in South San Francisco and Asbestos TEM Labs in Oakland for analysis of our asbestos samples. Other laboratories are used for other contaminants if applicable.

Interpreting Results

For asbestos bulk sampling, the agencies use the following definitions:

Federal EPA:

materials containing greater than 1% asbestos are ACM (Asbestos Containing Material)


materials containing greater than 1% asbestos are ACM


materials containing greater than 0.1% & <1% asbestos by weight are ACCM (Asbestos Containing Construction Material)


materials containing greater than 0.1% & <1% asbestos by weight are ACCM


For asbestos air sampling:

  • Asbestos TEM air samples with a result of <70 s/mm² (structures/millimeter squared) have achieved final clearance.
  • Asbestos PCM air samples with results <0.01 f/cc (fibers per cubic centimeter) are acceptable for worker safety in accordance to OSHA’s PEL for worker safety.

Asbestos Abatement Action

If laboratory results yield the presence of asbestos fibers, then what is referred to as an “asbestos abatement protocol” would be developed. This “protocol” is a set of instructions for a certified asbestos abatement contractor to address the asbestos in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulation.

After asbestos abatement has been performed by a certified contractor, American Air Testing can provide post abatement validation testing. This testing’s purpose is to confirm that all contamination was cleaned up correctly. This testing is conducted while containment is still standing and before any reconstruction begins.

As a courtesy, we have compiled a list of asbestos abatement contractors. Please give us a call and we will email you 3 recommendations. This is not a leads-forwarding program.