San Francisco Mold Notice of Violation

What is San Francisco building department’s (SFBD) Mold Notice of Violation (NOV)? The rules are that any visible discoloration seen inside a rented residential unit is eligible to receive a NOV. We don't know how often this rule is followed.

Moldy bathroom cornerWhat is the San Francisco Mold Notice of Violation (NOV)?

The rules are that any visible discoloration seen inside a rented residential unit is eligible to receive an NOV for mold. We don’t know how often this rule is followed.

We live in a crowded City. Our buildings are mostly old and crowded. Indoor mold growth is an issue in foggy (humid) San Francisco. Landlords, in many cases, have rents controlled. Tenants may try “creative” living situations for subletting space. This situation results in mold growth.

It was a natural progression for the San Francisco Building Department to issues Notices of Violation for visible mold.  The Building Department does not always issue an NOV for mold, even after multiple complaints from tenants. Other times, NOVs will be issued when there is no elevated levels of mold present or any visible discoloration. Heavy sigh – it’s the system we all are forced to live with… The SFDBI seems to be more about collecting fees than enforcing safe building codes.

We work with both tenants and landlords

Your information is never shared without written permission unless it is a subpoena.

You want your budget and, frankly, your life respected. Mold remediation can displace you from your home for months. All your possessions may need to be moved to a warehouse to be cleaned. This disrupts your life. Options are always discussed first because we consider YOU in our evaluations.

For tenants

Please keep the number of occupants within reason. Don’t overstuff the closets. Leave the furniture six inches away from the uninsulated walls. If a leak happens, contact your landlord or management company immediately. Reduce the damage – everyone wins.

For Landlord

Install kitchen and bath vents on timers, if possible. Routine maintenance of the roof/gutter system, exterior, and plumbing will reduce potential toxic mold problems.

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