Particles Testing


Smoke, Pollen, Fiberglass, Skin Cells, animal Dander, Molds, and Dust Mites

We can test the air and the dust or wall residue in your home, office, or vehicle for smoke,pollen, fiberglass, skin cells, and dust mites. This type of testing is most beneficial if you are working with an allergist that has identified your allergy triggers.

  • Wildfire or building fire smoke residue in your breathing zone air or residue on your building or contents.

  • Pollen includes pollen from Elm, Eucalyptus, Grass, Mulberry, Oak, other, Pine, Ragweed, Sycamore

  • Plants includes algae, diatoms, fern, moss, etc., spores, other wood, trichomes

  • Animal includes epithelial (skin) cells, hair, inspect parts from rat, mouse, and cockroach

  • Dust Mites parts

  • Fungi includes mold spores and hyphal fragments which are small pieces of mold spores that can’t be identified by type.

  • Non-biological includes cellulose fibers, glass fibers, synthetic fibers, and unidentifiable background debris (1-4+)
Another tests often included in of our report will include the levels of specific molds in the air. This will include the quantity of mold spores in the air.

Particles Report Example