Lead In Drinking Water Testing for Child Care Centers


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Lead is Toxic To Small Children

AB 2370 applies to a Child Care Center that does not have a resident living onsite.

We can and probably should test all facilities that take care of children under 6 regardless of who is living or not living onsite; especially in buildings that were built before 2010 or share a water souce with an older building.

Lead inhibits brain development is small children, especially chidren under 6 years of age. To safeguard our children California passed a new bill that was finalized in Feb. 2022 requiring extensive drinking water testing of all Child Care Centers built after 2010. If the main water supply is shared with an older building, that older building will also require lead water testing.

Some of the known effects of lead in water for children are:

  • Retarded Growth
  • Permanent brain damage
  • Learning disabilities
  • Lowered IQ
  • Behavior chanllenges
  • Stunted growth.
  • Hearing loss may also occur

California AB 2370 Required Lead Drinking Water Testing

Lead levels in all drinking water outlets require testing in compliance with AB 2370 before Jan. 1, 2023. If this deadline is not met, then citations will be issued by the California Department of Social Services. There are no fines that we are aware of at this time.

As much as twenty percent of children’s exposure to lead comes from drinking water. EPA’s Health Effects.

Lead Drinking Water Testing in Child Care Centers

Lead drinking water testing in Child Care Centers is expensive and time-consuming for both the professional testers as well as for the onsite staff. An accurate drawing is required showing all water faucets and cooking faucets used by or for children. If a water meter is shared with an older building, then lead water testing needs to be performed in the older building, also. To learn exactly what is required look at this video: EPA’s 3Ts Sample Collection Video

We're Certified And Ready To Help You

The testing protocol for this lead water testing is complete and thorough. It was definitely written by scientists, not legislators. It’s ONE GOAL is to protect children. So please understand when we have to ask you a million questions and you have to gather maps and other documents for us that it’s all about protecting the children. And it’s expensive. There are a minimum of three separate visits necessary for this testing. CDPH Certification List for San Francisco Area

This Is A Complex Process

This ia very complicated testing and verification. There are many steps that must be completed. It have help you understand to go through this link to Drinking Water Sampling For Lead In Licensed California Child Care Centers.There is a PDF Guide to the Highlights with a Time Stamp. Give our ofices a call to get one emailed to you.


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