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SF Lead Notice Of Violation

SF Lead Notice Of Violation

We Provide Documentation For SF Lead Notice Of Violation Satisfaction

Buildings built before 1978 in San Francisco may contain lead-based paint.

Typically, SF Lead Notice of Violation or NOV is issued when a contractor fails to clean up after repairs or if a tenant or neighbor complains to the SF Department of Building Inspection. 

If the SFDBI inspector finds peeling and chipping paint or dust in an area where a child or children are present, then a NOV is issued. If a child under seven years of age has a blood lead level test done by a medical professional that shows elevated lead levels, the building owner will receive a San Francisco Lead Notice of Violation. This is required by law. We are also required by law to report all lead-based paint testing results to the California Department of Health.

Lead Paint Dust Can Cause Mental Retardation, Especially In Children.

Fact: Lead-based paint covers most of the walls, interior, and exterior, in San Francisco.

Lead-paint dust is created when there is friction of painted surfaces. So, when someone opens a door painted with lead-based paint, lead-containing dust, in small amounts, falls on the ground.

Children Crawl Through Lead Dust; Then Put Their Hands In Their Mouths.

American Air Testing holds all the lead credentials to quickly, completely and thoroughly resolve a Lead Paint NOV’s on your behalf. We can perform the initial testing and give clean up guidance to your chosen lead abatement contractor. After the cleanup testing is usually required; which we can provide. We like to do an initial lead test to confirm the NOV is valid; from time to time we find no lead present and that satisfies the NOV.

NOVs are similar to parking tickets – it’s a small amount to pay it now, but if you ignore it, you can receive a boot on your car – or in this case – a lien on your building.