Content and Deep Cleaning Contractors


B & G Janitorial Services

Christopher Anthony Benjamin
(510) 517-2497 (Office)

  • Professional Deep Clean
  • Green Products Upon Request


Talo Cutsinger
(510) 723-1000 (Office)

  • Content Cleaning


Many Gomez
(844) 623-3946 (Office)
(650) 784-1908 (Cell)

  • Mold
  • Content Cleaning

The contractors shown above are licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced. When cleaning up contamination, training and experience are critical. 

Special equipment is needed to clean up most contaminants. Professional drying equipment. It is also important to know how to build a tight containment. this will prevent contamination from exiting the work area.

Always get a written contract that clearly outlines the Scope of Work that will be done.  If you forward our report to your bidding contractors, you should get comparable bids. All reports give clear professional directions on what needs to be done. There are industry standards that all contractors are expected to know and follow – we do not repeat all the standards in our reports.

We like to have a phone conversation with your chosen contractor with you involved. Every project has special needs and we like to discuss those needs before the work starts. 

It’s helpful for the success of your project that we communicate with your environmental contractor so that accurate clearance testing can be performed, if you chose. We strongly recommend a clearance document after every type of environmental cleaning. 

We hope this list helps you choose a good company for your needs.