Dust Exposure and You

The building next door is being remodeled and your living areas are full of construction dust.

A photo of dust particles from clapping hands.

You are exposed to dust from the building next door and your living areas are full of construction dust.

Take a look at the outside of the building and see if there are any signs from the SF Building Dept.

If the building was built before 1981, there is a possibility the construction dust may contain lead and asbestos.

    1. Find out when the building was built.  If the build date is after 1981, the should not be asbestos. 
      Google the address. Zillow will usually tell you when the house was built. You can also check
    2. If it’s a commercial building it takes a bit more work. You can find the answer at SF Planning.
    3. Check the permits at SFDBI.

If you see a water truck spraying the construction site, there is a good chance that building contains asbestos, but not always.

Report the problem to your landlord or property manager. Send them a photo if possible.

Then buy a HEPA only air purifier and keep your doors and windows shut as much as possible. You may consider using painters blue tape on windows and doors where practical.

DON’T SWEEP THE DUST – USE A SWIFFER-TYPE MOP. If the dust has “bad stuff” a broom will make the dust go into the air and up your nose. If you must sweep, wet the area (all the dust) with a spray bottle. Then clean up the area.

Please give your landlord time to respond to your situation. If things don’t improve, or if you have a reason to believe the dust contains asbestos or lead, then a call to a local tenant-landlord attorney, the SF Rent Control Board or the SF Building Department. If you have concerns about an ongoing project, or want more enforcement information call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Give us a call to discuss your project at 415-337-2923.

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