Coronavirus COVID-19 Clearance

Covid19 Clearance Testing done using media from the companies that designed the equipment and chemicals used to decontaminate biohazards. No licensed, state certified lab is usually involved.

corona virus pandemic

Coronavirus (Covid-19) building clearance testing is usually done using media from the companies that designed and sell the equipment and chemicals used to decontaminate biohazards. 

No licensed, state certified lab is normally involved. The testing consultant is usually required to follow a lengthY, somewhat complex process to determine remaining levels of biohazard. Testing is normally performed by person/company trained by the equipment distribution company.

For this reason American Air Testing does not offer Coronavirus (COVID-19) clearance testing.  There is too much room for us to make an error in the analysis process. Other companies do offer this clearance testing. Please check with your biohazard cleanup company.

A sample is very limited in size. Usually a test is performed on a flat surface like a table top, door handles, a window, etc.. If the results show the absence of Coronavirus (COVID-19), you rely on that, and then an infected person enters the area. Moisture droplets containing Coronavirus (COVID-19) are spread to the door handle, you touch it, and you get sick. This happens the day after you received your clearance documents. 

For the last 20 years we have always offered only those services that we consider to add value to your projects. 

The environmental contractors shown below do perform biohazard cleaning on a case by case basis. Please contact them directly.

There is an alternative Cleaning Efficiency Testing, that doesn’t look for viruses but does look for mold and bacteria. The theory is that is the molds and bacteria are gone, the place is clean. A licensed, certified environmental lab does do this type an analysis.

WHO Laboratory Safety Manual

Wikipedia article on biological hazards

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