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Buildings built before 1981 may contain asbestos-containing building materials. Asbestos bulk testing to determine the presence or absence of asbestos fibers is recommended before demos or repairs. Removal of bearing walls and/or other structural building components requires preliminary asbestos bulk testing.

Mold testing results may indicate removal of building materials in older buildings. All buildings built before 1981 may contain asbestos and preliminary testing should be done. If a building has had substantial interior renovation, testing may not be necessary. 

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And Finally

There are many “leads” companies that advertise environmental inspections and removal work. Those companies sell their lead to the companies that actually do the work. Often they offer a “bounty” to inspector that “find” jobs for removal companies. We do our own, in house marketing, and we never, ever sell, give, barter, trade your job information to another provider. 

We maintain a list of reputable environmental contractors. We do not charge these contractors for being on this list. We do not accept payments for being on this list. 

To obtain the fairest quote for your job please take a look at Things to Know Before Hiring a Contractor.

Here are links to Environmental Contractors that we have successfully worked with in the past.

Environmental Contractors

Asbestos Contractors

Lead Contractors and Lead Supervisors * for NOV work a Lead Supervisor is required. We are not Lead Supervisors.

VOC Contractors

Toxic Mold Contractors

Specialty Contractors – encapsulating vapor barriers, HVAC cleaning, content cleaning

All contractors will have drying equipment. The sooner professional drying begins the less change of toxic mold growth you will have.