Coronavirus COVID-19 Clearance

Covid19 Clearance Testing done using media from the companies that designed the equipment and chemicals used to decontaminate biohazards. No licensed, state certified lab is usually involved.

MARIA Allergy Dust Testing

MARIA allergy dust testing will show dog, cat, rat, mouse, and dust mites. ERMI allergy  dust testing will show molds. If your Allergist or Medical Team find you are allergic to specific animals, then it is worthwhile to test your home, office, or vehicle for the presence of animal allergens. Many people are allergic to […]

ERMI Testing vs. Non-Viable Mold Air Samples

Mold kits don’t work. Mold needs food and water to grow.
The home kits start out with food and water, but then they sit on store shelves, hot loading docs, warehouse inventory with no expiration dates. You get the idea.

And those kits usually require you to pay an extra fee to send the Petri dish to an environmental lab.

Even after paying a lab you still don’t know if you have a mold problem. You need to compare the outside airborne level of spores with inside airborne spore levels.
And some spores fall faster than others.

How Many Asbestos Samples Will I Need?

The number of samples needed to determine if asbestos fibers are present in building materials depends on:
how large the area is of each suspect material
if that material has been applied at the same time or sequentially
what kind of material it is
Need an inspection in the San Francisco Bay Area for a J card?

EPA Asbestos List

NOTE: This list does not include every product/material that may contain asbestos. It is intended as a general guide to show which types of materials may

ERMI – what it is and isn’t

Update Sept.24, 2019 – We had such high hopes for tenants suffering from uncorrected mold problems when this law was passed. The reality is the San Francisco Building Department seldom issues a Notice of Violation for Mold – even when it looks like this photo. They say they don’t have the trained staff to perform the inspections. We can assure you the few NOVs for mold that we have seen were definitely not prepared by anyone with any toxic mold training.  … heavy sigh…Please contact your Supervisor and request help based on this Bill.

Mold Laws for Tenants

New California state and SF City laws took effect on January 1, 2016. The biggest change is Senate Bill 655 (SB 655) or the Mold Housing Act.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Proper mold remediation is done by trained workers appropriately clothed with mask. Correctly installed and functioning engineering controls. Ducting is well sealed. Descent electrical wiring for machinery along with correctly installed lights.

“What’s the problem here? It’s just a little mold.”

Mold makes people sick Remember the Salem witch trials in New England 300 years ago? Ergot made them do it. This toxic mold grew in the stored grain feeding the town. That Erot poisoning made everyone tragically crazy.  Fortunately most of us don’t store untreated grain in our kitchens or favorite restaurant. But water damage […]

Assess your Asbestos Risks

Own Property and Worried about Asbestos Liability or Your Health? Buildings built after 1981 usually do not contain asbestos. #1 Have  a professional assess your risks American Air Testing will come to your site and walk through and identify probable asbestos-containing building materials. Testing for the presence of asbestos requires that a small sample of […]

Will Ozone Clean Toxic Mold?

Ozone does not kill mold. Over the years we have performed mold clearance testing on projects where ozone was tried. Every one of them failed. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygenists (ACGIH) states: “No gas- or vapor- phase biocide can effectively and safely remediate a microbially contaminated building because of problems with biocide deliver, […]

Other Toxic Mold Consultants

We are a very small, family-owned and run San Francisco business. For other toxic mold consultants outside San Francisco click here(ACAC).

How to Keep Your Apartment Healthy

Mold growth is always caused by too much water or humidity inside the living spaces. Reasons for high humidity: water leaks, no or low performing exhaust fans..

What to Expect during an Abatement or Remediation

Mold remediation or asbestos abatement can be emotionally draining and financially devastating. Understanding the process will help you. Remediation means removing and cleaning up mold. Abatement means removing and cleaning up asbestos, lead, lead-based paint, chemicals, or sewage. Following these steps will save your money and your sanity.

New Proposed EPA Lead Dust Limits

New limit dust limit on floors is 10 µg/ft2  Old limit lead dust  limit on floors is 40 µg/ft2  New limit dust limit on window sills is 100 µg/ft2  Old limit lead dust  limit on window sills is 250 µg/ft2  These lead levels are scheduled to become law on January 6, 2020 in California.

Prepare for Your Mold Inspection

Keep all doors and windows closed for a period of two hours before any testing begins. Turn off air purification machines for twenty-four hours before the

How to Remove Lead-based Paint Dust

Old doors and frames painted before 1980 usually have lead-based paint. When the door rubs against the frame this will create dust. This area is called a friction point and can be found on windows as well. Lead dust is dangerous to children under 7.