Cigarette Smoke Testing

Second Hand Cigarette Smoke Testing Now Available. Most of us prefer to live without cigarette smoke. But in multi unit buildings, it’s almost impossible. We

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formaldehyde testing

Formaldehyde Testing

Formaldehyde testing may find vapors from new cabinets, laminate floors, pressed wood products like particle board, spray foam insulation, carpets and pads, draperies and curtains,

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Why Particles Matter

Particulate Matter is Everywhere Airborne particles matter for air quality, both on the inside and outside of a building. Some particulate matter is so small

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ozone doesn't fix mold
Toxic Mold

Ozone Does Not Fix Mold

Ozone Does Not Fix Mold Over The Years We Have Performed Mold Clearance Testing On Projects Where Ozone Was Tried. Every One Of Them Failed.

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