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American Air Testing is a small family business of indoor environmental professionals who are qualified by knowledge, skill, education, training, certifications and experience. Quality customer service is our primary goal.

Our team is able to perform assessments of the condition of structures, systems, and contents at a job site, create a sampling strategy, sample the indoor environment and submit samples to an appropriate laboratory. Once laboratory results are received, they are interpreted for the purpose of establishing an abatement/remediation protocol to return of the job site to a healthy indoor air environment.

With current industry standard knowledge and equipment, we provide consulting and testing of indoor air contamination for a wide variety of contaminants (including, but not limited to):

Our History

Our company was formed in the months following September 11th, 2001. At that time, a California law was passed that required real estate professionals to disclose the toxic mold condition of properties transferred, just like a termite inspection.

Testing for mold was how this business began. As we performed more and more inspections, we saw the need for additional testing services and expanded our knowledge and ability to include testing for asbestos, lead-based paint, sewage (bacteria), VOCs, allergens, and drinking water analysis to our services.

Laws, Guidelines, and Industry Standards

The mold disclosure law remains in effect, however, it is difficult to enforce as there is no clearly defined levels of acceptable toxic mold. Industry standard dictates that interior levels of mold must be less than or comparable to an outside baseline.

For real estate transactions, we recommend that all Buyers request Sellers to provide a CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report. This report is from the insurance industry and lists all water related claims for the property. If there’s been a water claim, a buyer should request a mold clearance document from the seller.

Independent Environmental Testing

We are environmental consultants. We do not perform any sort of abatement or remediation services. We submit our samples to independent, certified laboratories for analysis – we do not analyze our own samples.

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