Specialty Contractors

Encapsulating Vapor Barriers, HVAC Cleaning, Mold Content Cleaning
In the San Francisco Bay Area

specialty contractors

A list of specialty contractors we have worked with successfully. Always verify current licenses and insurance. We have no financial ties with these companies.

We don’t accept payments from these contractors for this list.

This list is provided as a courtesy to our clients and other interested people or companies

Contents CleaningVarpor BarrierHVAC Cleaning
Air Doctor
Victor Guerra
(707) 584-5941 (Office)
(707) 849-1472 (Cell)
HVAC Cleaning
Jaime Chavez
(408) 830-9700 (Office)
(626) 633-7500 (Cell)
HVAC Cleaning
Nir Bideman
(510) 207-2048
HVAC Cleaning
Clean Crawlspace Inc.
David Carney
(707) 578-1188 (Office)
(707) 328-5737 (Mobile)
Vapor Barrier
Franz Termite Control
Michael Judashttp
(650) 493-0445 (Office) 
Vapor Barrier


Talo Custsinger
(866) 374-3778 (Office)
(510) 723-1000 (Mobile)

Contents Cleaning