A Word About Hiring Contractors

a word about contractors
  1. Get three quotes. The prices do change with demand.
  2. Confirm all contractors will follow our recommendations on environmental workers COVID-19 precautions that is included in your initial paperwork. We will be glad to supply you with another copy, if needed.
  3. Always get the company’s licenses and insurance information and confirm it is current.
  4. If you provide a copy of our report to your chosen contractors and request they give you a quote for the work outlined, then you will have three comparable contracts.  Our reports clearly outline the recommended Scope of Work. There are lists of recommended specialty contractors needed to successfully complete your project.
  5. All contractors are listed on All Environmental Contractors. There are also lists for each specialty: asbestos contractors, lead contractors, mold contractors, VOC contractors, and specialty contractors. Specialty contractors do things like clean HVAC systems, mold content cleaning, and install professional vapor barrier systems.
  6. We like to have a short conversation by phone with you and your contractors to go over your project after your hiring process is complete. We will work with any contractor that you choose.
  7. Clearance/validation is recommended before reoccupancy or additional repairs are done.


This guidance will serve you well working with handlymen, general contractors, janitorial maintenance, any service that you choose to hire.